A word from our president

Dear Friends,

The evolution of Architectural Sculpture & Restoration Incorporated
continues. We are, in a sense, very much like the pieces we craft. We
reflect the imagination and ideals of those from centuries ago and
those like yourself, who come to us with the seedlings of creation.
We thrive on the idea that time is an inspiration to functional art,
and that time passed also means an emergence into a new era. From
our start as a small in-house sculpting studio thirty years ago, we
have emerged as a premiere supplier of original and custom-made
decorative ornaments, a recognized force in the field of restoration,
and a committed team of installation artists that turn ideas into
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making this
happen. Our work would not have been possible without your vision,
inspiration and creativity. We have had overwhelming support
throughout the years, and finally, after equally overwhelming
demand, I am offering a comprehensive catalogue of our work
to the public. In it you will find a diverse range of architectural
ornamentation that draws inspirational detail from the many
formative eras in architectural design. Or you can choose to develop
you own design and work closely with our helpful and creative staff
to bring it to fruition.
And so, without further adieu, we invite you to join us celebrating
our thirty years of existence in the following pages. Enjoy!

Euclides Pagan