ASRNY can create for clients custom three dimensional clay models of original design and reproduce and complete clay models of partially damaged ornamental plaster structures and figures.

ASRNY can create urethane molds of clay models and original plaster objects in situ and in the ASRNY studio to suit client needs for detail, texture, shape and dimensions.

ASRNY is able to affix metal lath to proper foundational materials and structures and to apply various plaster mixes in accordance with design specifications to create a permanent surface coating, including base coatings and soundproofing and fireproofing coatings.

ASRNY artisans are skilled in ornamental plaster fabrication, installation, repair, and restoration. We cast stock, original designs and replacement pieces from models and molds made on-site or in the ASRNY studio for direct sale. For plaster work projects, these items can be installed new or for the purpose of repair and restoration.

ASRNY also works with glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). These durable materials are can be cast into inummerable shapes, textures and colors. Applications include cornices, column covers, fireplace, window and door surrounds, curved walls, coffered ceilings and domes.

ASRNY can produce cast stone for client plans to replace or add architectural features, ornaments, trim or facades to buildings.

ASRNY also provides a wide variety of fine finishes and treatments on plaster surfaces. Our artisans are skilled in:

  • caen stone
  • Venetian plaster
  • faux marble
  • gilding

In collobaration with owners, contractors, architects and designers, ASRNY strives to be true to original architectural design and current plans to produce results that go beyond client expectations.

When taking on custom work, ASRNY works cooperatively to address specific client needs whether those needs involve a single plaster object or require a large-scale plaster installation, repair or restoration of architectural ornamentation.

ASRNY consulting services are designed to help clients find a satisfying, cost effective solution to decorative and ornamental plaster designs and plans.

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