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For over four decades, ASRNYC, formerly known as Architectural Sculpture and Restoration is recognized for upholding traditional standards in recreating architectural ornaments and constructing new models to suit individual specifications. We are committed to working in conjunction with designers, architects, decorators, general contractors, historical preservationists, landmark preservationists, and homeowners to achieve excellence and exceptional quality craftsmanship.


Architectural Sculpture was founded in 1977 by Vanguard artists Jim Swanson and Clark Abbott, located at 242 Lafayette Street in Soho, NYC.

They specialized in clay sculpturing and plaster modeling to create custom ornaments and decorative molds for manufacturing companies. After their passing in the late 1980s, Phil Shranker, a trusted employee and sculptor, fostered ASR and nurtured the trade artistry until new ownership emerged. In 1990, Phil welcomed new owners, artists Victorino Romero and Euclides Pagan. This new partnership created Architectural Sculpture and Restoration and introduced ornamental plaster installation and historical restoration service to their artistic repertoire.

ASR’s dedication to classical architecture, including its artistic capabilities during the 1990s, equipped ASR in meeting emerging restoration demands throughout New York City. Unfortunately, in 1994, Victorino Romero passed away, making Euclides Pagan sole owner of ASR.

In 1995, Euclides formed a team of artisan installers/restorers rather than sub-contract installation and restoration work to provide this service in-house. As a result, during the rehabilitation of Times Square, ASR was awarded several opportunities to demonstrate its skilled craftsmanship in several theater restoration projects.

In 1996- 2001, Euclides moved its shop to a larger facility at 200 Varick Street, NYC, while keeping 242 Lafayette Street as a showroom. During this period, Euclides welcomed his nephew Eddie Pagan to join the shop and installation team.

With a booming economy, consistent growth, and emerging reputation in the industry, Euclides acquired a commercial property in Brooklyn and relocated all operations to the new facility. ASR established itself as a reputable artisan small business provider servicing ornamental and architectural plaster projects worldwide during this period.

In 2013, Eddie Pagan, Euclides nephew and wife Aida, arrived at ASR to develop and lead the company’s future. Eddie and Aida brought ten years of experience leading his own general contracting company to ASR. Reimagining ASR’s future, Euclides, and Eddie decided to blend both unique skill sets and expand ASR’s capabilities to include more extensive and complex projects. In 2015, Euclides Pagan retired and passed on ASR”s ownership duties to Eddie and Aida, extending the company tradition of family succession and establishing Eddie and the second-generation owner of ASR. In addition, they relocated ASR’s fabrication shop and office to Mineola, Long Island, and rebranded ASRNYC INC.

Since moving, ASRNYC  INC. has sustained annual business growth and artistic range in a niche industry. Along the way, the company has enjoyed collaborating with prominent clients, designers, and contractors, providing high-end artistry to unique projects in NYC.


Eddie Pagan
Eddie Pagan
President /Owner
Aida Pagan
Aida Pagan
Vice President
Julian Pagan
Julian Pagan
Digital Marketing Director
Vicente G.Marquez
Senior Plaster Artisan & Foreman
Edison Bermeo
Plaster Artisan & Painter
Edvin Ortega
Plaster Artisan & Mold Maker
Shahid Hussein
Sculptor & Plaster Artisan
Raphael Tenemasa
Plaster Artisan & Painter
Raphael Tenemasa
Senior Plaster Artisan
Antonio Valente
Senior Plaster Artisan
Anthony Hernandez
Sculptor, Painter, Mold Maker
Euclides Pagan
Euclides Pagan
Senior Consultant