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Decorative Painting Services

Decorative Painting Services

ASRNYC offers decorative painting services in New York City and its surrounding areas. We are a leading decorative painting company in NYC. We specialize in the decorative painting of walls, ceilings, moldings, and much more.

ASRNYC’s painters are highly skilled in the traditional, multi-colored scheme, gilding, and glazing. In addition to these classic techniques, our decorative painting incorporates diverse painting techniques and mediums applicable to varied surfaces to revive an interior space. Our unique style unites new material with antique for thematic effects or conversely brings out the harmony between all components – whether they be contemporary or vintage – by way of a common ground using color as a backdrop for design elements such as wallpapers and architectural charm alike.

The craftsmen at ASRNYC know how to apply both traditional and innovative finishes for a variety of purposes, including decorative painting, gilding the ancient art form known as gold leafing, glazing, marbleizing (a marbleized effect), among other architectural treatments. We have an expert understanding of color scheme textures which enables us not only to revive historic spaces but also implement new designs while preserving their original features with specialty conservation.

We have extensive experience working with interior designers and architects on custom-commissioned projects. Our decorative painting techniques ensure the finest finish possible. We will either utilize stencils and patterned effects, or a more classical hand-painted style, in order to evoke the desired atmosphere.

As experienced decorative painters, we offer a wide range of services, including fine art restoration and renovation. We are your best choice when you need decorative painting in NYC. The decorative painters at ASRNYC have accrued extensive experience in all facets of decorative painting services for both commercial and residential customers throughout New York City and its surrounding boroughs. We look forward to working with you on your next project! Contact us today to get a quote.