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Historical Preservation and Restoration

Historical Preservation and Restoration

ASRNYC offers historical preservation and restoration Services in NYC and its surrounding areas. We take pride in preserving historical artifacts and properties in order to enrich period architecture while honoring renowned visionaries responsible for pioneering the greatest styles and architectural properties of all time.

Ornamental plaster work can truly transform a space, and we can produce beautiful designs as simple or as intricate as needed with traditional techniques and procedures. ASRNYC specializes in ornamental plaster restoration services. Whether restoring ornamental plaster that has been damaged or vanished or developing new elements from original plans, photos, or drawings, understanding the material is a key element in quality craftsmanship.

The ASRNYC team has a long history of expert craftsmanship in the historical preservation and restoration industry. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs and ensure that we provide high-quality ornamental plaster restoration works tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

While the installation of new plaster ornamentation and the restoration of existing plaster work rely on the same essential principles, the latter requires substantial dedication to craft and a deep body of involvement to ensure accuracy. Accurate templates and patterns must be created to define the design. When a design is based on a historic example, it’s important that restoration work follows as closely as possible to the original dimensions and details.

Without care and attention to detail, ornamental plaster work can easily become an eyesore rather than a cause for admiration. ASRNYC artisans have been involved in numerous projects where outdoor plaster was restored from merely being presentable to its previous glory with fine detailing which included missing elements enhancing the overall look of historical buildings. With skilled hands and a passion for their craft, ASRNYC’s team of historical preservation and restoration is committed to producing exceptional plaster designs that will inspire.

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