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Architectural Sculpture & Plaster Molding NYC - Lathing and Plastering Services

Lathing and Plastering Services

ASRNYC is a leading company that provides lathing and plastering services in the New York City area. Our versatile plaster men provide metal lath and three-coat plaster system application to walls and ceilings following design specifications. Lathing and plastering services involve applying a metal mesh lath to an exterior wall, partitions or ceilings. The lath is covered by three coats of plaster materials that are either gypsum or cementitious.

The lath acts as a support for the plaster. It also provides nailing surfaces that are necessary to complete the gypsum board, veneer base, or other surfacing materials. Metal lath can be applied directly to structural elements such as beams, rafters or wales. As part of our lathing and plastering services, we use plaster material containing fibers that serve as reinforcement elements to make sure your building project is sturdy enough.

We are meticulous about quality, using our extensive experience with traditional masonry techniques to ensure that all of our work exceeds industry standards. We specialize in working on stucco finish applications as well as drywall finishing applications for commercial building contractors throughout New York. We meet all design specifications regarding lathing and plastering installations, making us your best choice when you need experienced craftsmen to complete the job according to plan.

We work with architects, builders and contractors to ensure you get the best specifications on all phases of your building projects. We will make sure our staff is qualified for what we do so that any job can be completed on time and within budget.

Known for providing the best lathing and plastering services in NYC, ASRNYC can make your building construction project stand out with its exemplary workmanship using the latest techniques. With over 40 years of industry experience, our highly skilled craftsmen are always committed to offering outstanding customer service. Contact us today for custom lathing and plastering services.