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ASRNYC’s artisans are skilled in fabricating plaster ornaments, installing classical and modern plaster molding, and performing historical restorations. We provide our services in brownstone, high-end residential, commercial, and historic properties.

ASRNYC provides glass fiber reinforced gypsum(GFRG) and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) fabrication services. These durable materials can be cast into numerous shapes, textures, and colors. Applications include cornices, column covers, fireplace, window and door surrounds, curved walls, coffered ceilings, and domes.

ASRNYC’s versatile plaster men provide metal lath and three-coat plaster system application to walls and ceilings following design specifications.  We work with various plaster and cementitious products to meet our client’s project requirements and standards.

ASRNYC produces rubber molds from clay designs, plaster models, and original plaster ornaments suitable to our client’s need for detail, texture, shape, and dimension. This unique skill set is an integral component of producing new architectural plaster designs and complex historical restoration work.

ASRNYC is committed to collaborating with artists and designers to make ideas and dreams become a reality.  We strive to find solutions with unique means and methods to deliver artistic excellence in all custom-made designs.

ASRNYC takes pride in preserving historical artifacts and properties to enrich period architecture while honoring renowned visionaries responsible for pioneering the most significant styles and architectural properties of all time.

ASRNYC’s painters are highly skilled in the traditional,  multi-colored scheme, gilding, and glazing. In addition, our decorative painting incorporates diverse painting techniques and mediums applicable to varied surfaces to revive an interior space.



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American Indian Museum

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Kings County Criminal Courthouse

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Pierre Hotels

St. Agnes Branch Library

St.Luke’s and St.Matthew Brooklyn

The Surrogate Court

The Union Club

The Waldorf Astoria

Universal Church

US Naval Academy Chapel


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